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Hoopla kicks off student recruitment in Oregon

It is all hands on deck in Oregon to recruit our next group of College Possible students. Our college access program begins when students are juniors in high school. We recruit 40 students at each school who are interested in going to college and looking for some additional guidance and support through the process. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, our high school program operated on campus and in person. We quickly adjusted when the pandemic hit and have supported students in a variety of ways over the past two years. Now that we’re back on campuses, we are excited to start talking to sophomores about joining our program as juniors —and that’s where the hoopla comes in.

“Hoopla” is what we call our big student recruitment effort. College Possible shows up in full force at each school for one week of hoopla. We send a ton of team members to campuses, we wear College Possible gear, we talk to students in the halls about their college aspirations, we staff a table at lunch, we schedule classroom pitches — we make ourselves known. We couple hoopla with intentional outreach to teachers, student clubs, counselors and school staff for referrals.

Check out some photos of our team in action:

We’re recruiting at the following Portland metro area schools right now:

If you have any connections to these schools, we’d love your support—the more students and families who know about College Possible, the better. Or, if you have a student at one of our partner schools interested in joining, have them apply today! This is an exciting time of year for our team — meeting new faces, recruiting our next class and having a chance to do that in person is always energizing.

If you have any questions about our college access program, please reach out to Casey Rauch, access program manager at

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