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Staff Spotlight: Liz Kurtz

Position: College Program Coordinator

Hometown: Omaha, NE

Alma Mater and degree(s):
Bachelor’s degree: English and German,  Doane University
Master’s degree: critical and creative thinking with a concentration in organizational science and leadership (currently enrolled), University of Nebraska-Omaha

Community Involvement: I’m a volunteer at inCOMMON.

Interests/Hobbies: Baking, reading and going on long walks over the weekend

What do you do?

As a College Program Coordinator, my goal is to help strengthen the college team here at College Possible Omaha.”

Right now that means making plans for supporting our students over the summer, recruiting new students to our program, and assisting in the AmeriCorps checkout process.

What do you love most about your job?

I love how I’m able to help people through my job. It’s important to me that I feel like I’m making a difference in my community and working at College Possible not only makes me feel that way, but it also teaches me more about my community and its needs.

What do you want to learn more about this year?

I’m looking forward to learning more about how I can help my team succeed. I’m especially interested in exploring how we can continue to develop an uplifting and collaborative environment for college coaches that helps increase student success.

Why College Possible?

College Possible’s mission of closing the degree divide inspires me. “I think that receiving an education is such an important part of a young person’s life, so working with an organization that succeeds in getting students to and through college is a great fit for me.”

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