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Staff Spotlight: Julius Coker

Julius CokerPosition: Recruitment & Operations Specialist

Alma mater: New York University

Community involvement: I currently volunteer with Project HOME, which provides housing counseling to families experiencing abject poverty and homelessness.

What do you do?

I have the distinct pleasure of recruiting and hiring talented young professionals to serve as AmeriCorps members, who possess a passion and dedication for helping students in low-income communities across Philadelphia gain access to higher education.

What do you love most about your job?

The best part of my job and working in recruiting in general is having the opportunity to constantly meet new people. Also, with Philadelphia being a small site, there are numerous opportunities to grow professionally and learn about different job functions in the nonprofit setting.

Why did you join College Possible?

The mission of College Possible is especially personal to me because I am the product of an underserved high school in Philadelphia, one which College Possible directly serves and partners with.

I am a first generation college student and the only sibling to have pursued and obtained a college degree. I have seen the positive impact that organizations like College Possible can have on the trajectory of a student’s life.”

One thing you want to learn more about this year?

This year consist of developing a knowledge base on the social construction of college access and I’m looking forward to learning specific methods College Possible uses to move students from college aspiration to attainment.

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