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Six panel discussions spark college dreams across local high school students

Two Student Panelists Speaking With Current High School Student After Panel.

For the second consecutive year, College Possible Omaha hosted a series of College Experience Panels during the spring semester, aimed at bridging the transition from high school to higher education. Held across six partner high schools including Benson, Bellevue East, Millard South, Omaha North, Omaha South, and Ralston, these panels offered valuable guidance for students interested in pursuing college.

With a clear objective, the panels sought to equip students with the necessary knowledge and resources to confidently navigate the complexities of college life. They offered a comprehensive insight into what awaits students on college campuses, covering everything from charting a clear academic path to accessing resources and fostering community.

Featuring a diverse lineup of panelists, including professors and instructors from partner institutions such as the University of Nebraska Omaha and Nebraska Wesleyan University, as well as representatives from Metropolitan Community College, the panels provided a broad spectrum of perspectives. Additional panelists, including current College Possible students, shared their firsthand experiences and insights, adding a relatable dimension to the discussions.

Ethan Bollinger, a student panelist from UNO, underscored the impact of College Possible’s programs, including hosting the College Experience Panels. He remarked, “I believe College Possible is an excellent organization that greatly helps students. Even though I pursued a non-traditional path to college, I wish I had been part of College Possible during high school. It would have better equipped me for college and provided the assistance I needed for anything related to college.”

Racquel Henderson, an instructor at Metropolitan Community College and UNO, emphasized the significance of hearing from individuals who have recently traversed the same path students are embarking on. “As a panelist, I had the privilege of shedding light on the college experience from not only the perspective of new students that I assist, but also as a professor. Events like these are invaluable for high school students as they provide a glimpse into the transformative journey that awaits them. The insights shared at events such as these will empower them to make informed decisions, ensuring a smoother transition into higher education and beyond.”

Following each panel session, students had the opportunity to engage with panelists and college admissions representatives, facilitating deeper exploration of their options, and garnering advice from current students and professors.

By providing students with firsthand experiences and practical advice, College Possible Omaha aims not only to prepare them for the challenges of higher education but also to lay the groundwork for their long-term success.

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