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Scholar spotlight: Tyanne

A Smiling Woman Stands In Front Of A Fence. Behind The Fence Is Green Foliage.

This article was written by Tyanne’s AmeriCorps College Coach, Malysha MacFarland.

Tyanne Linton is an aspiring educator at UW-Parkside studying psychology with two minors in sociology and criminal justice. She is interested in how people think and enjoys helping others overcome problems. As a natural empath, mediator and listener, Tyanne sees herself as a teacher.

Tyanne is attending Parkside because it’s close to home, affordable and has a welcoming, diverse campus. At Parkside, she enjoys getting involved in various events held by the school and walking the trails to immerse herself in nature. Furthermore, as a recipient of The Fund for Wisconsin Scholars (FFWS) grant, she received additional mentorship as a first- and second-year student. Now in her third year, Tyanne mentors and supports other young college students with the same encouragement she received.

A smiling woman stands in front of a fence. Behind the fence is green foliage.

Currently, she is considering accepting a Leadership Development Program internship with the Center for Urban Teaching. Through this program, Tyanne would attend a summer retreat where she’d learn different classroom and leadership techniques first-hand and then be placed at a school site for six weeks. As a selected candidate, there is an opportunity to participate in the master’s program for Leadership and Innovation with Principal Licensure on a full-ride scholarship.

For years, Tyanne never even considered college. Then, after finding College Possible Wisconsin as a sophomore at Milwaukee School of Languages, she began thinking about her options. As a first-generation scholar, she found the application process was not always easy, but College Possible Wisconsin and her family encouraged her to stay focused.

“College Possible has been very helpful for me as far as encouraging me to apply to college, stay in school, and succeed,” Tyanne says.

She now believes college is the exact place she was meant to be. Tyanne continues to receive support from her coaches at College Possible Wisconsin. She finds the resources, reminders, scholarships and frequent check-ins helpful. She even stays in contact with her previous coaches from high school.

On track to graduate in May 2024, Tyanne feels mixed emotions as time passes. Mostly, she is excited to have the opportunity to walk across the stage after working so hard, something she didn’t get to do in high school due to COVID-19. As a firm believer in bringing her passion for learning to others, she is eager to start her teaching career. “I want to be someone who changes learning techniques for future generations,” Tyanne says.

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