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Scholar spotlight: Sienna

“College Possible was a place where my doubts and concerns about attending college were comforted,” says Sienna, a College Possible scholar and recipient of the 2021 Kelben Scholarship.

The Kelben Foundation awards scholarships to high school seniors who rank in the top 50% of their graduating class, intend to attend a four-year college and demonstrate need for financial assistance. In 2021, 53 College Possible scholars were awarded a Kelben Scholarship.

When a College Possible coach came to Milwaukee’s St. Thomas More High School and spoke with Sienna’s class about everything College Possible offers, she was immediately enthusiastic to join. She felt that high school was a preparation period that would determine what college she would attend or whether she would pursue a degree at all. She knew her family couldn’t afford expensive ACT prep classes or for her to go to certain colleges without major financial help. Every assignment, every test and every late-night study session became a step toward her goal of earning college scholarships. College Possible offered valuable support during her junior and senior year as her coaches guided her through ACT prep, FAFSA navigation, scholarship research and campus visits.

College Possible made the idea of college less daunting and more obtainable,” she says. “Even exciting! I even made lots of new friends along the way, friends who were in a similar situation and journey as me, college-wise. Without College Possible, I don’t think college would have ever been possible.”

While in high school, Sienna loved her psychology and biology classes. She was very passionate about both subjects but thought she would have to pick between the two when it came time to declare her major. After learning that neuroscience combines the two disciplines, it has been her declared major ever since. Currently, she is pursuing her degree on a pre-PA (physician assistant) track at High Point University in High Point, North Carolina. Sienna’s dedication and hard work has paid off, as she was awarded not only a Kelben Scholarship but a full-tuition scholarship as well!

After graduation, she plans to continue to PA school to become a physician’s assistant, then work as a pediatric neurology PA helping young children. For Sienna, college feels not only like a reward for her hard work and preparation, but also like the first, essential step toward her chosen career.

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