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Scholar spotlight: Kevin

Kevin Ramirez

Kevin always had big goals for his future, including earning his degree. Yet upon experiencing unforeseen challenges on his college journey, he had to take a break from school. With many students still experiencing rising college costs, the potential for student debt, and the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kevin’s experience is not uncommon.

Kevin grew up in Milwaukee and attended South Division High School. Tired of the Wisconsin winters, he was set on attending a college in the south. With this goal in mind, he worked hard in high school and joined College Possible Wisconsin for extra support with college preparation and enrollment. He really appreciated his coach Bri who helped him prepare for college and was always supportive. He was especially grateful for her support with the ACT. After preparing for the ACT with Bri, his final ACT score increased by 8 points. With this score, he had been accepted into the University of Miami.

Kevin’s childhood assignment that reads, “I would love to go to school in a Fereri”.

To him, this was an amazing accomplishment. Going to college and earning his degree had always been important to him. He knew it would open many doors and help him reach his goals for the future. His parents had always told him that if he wanted to be someone, he needed to go to school. Even as a kid, he says, he wanted big things for his future and to this day, he holds tight to a childhood school assignment that asked what his dream was. To him, it represents his ambition and keeps him motivated.

While attending the University of Miami, he studied economics with minors in music business and business law. He had even joined the marching band and a fraternity. He discovered a passion for finance and wanted to change his major so he could become a finance director someday. Kevin knew he could always ask his College Possible coaches for help. Upon facing some financial challenges in his junior year, he reached out to his coach who helped connect him with affordable housing resources and more. Unfortunately, after his junior year ended, these challenges forced him to put his goals on hold and take a break from school so he could take a full-time job and save.

During his break, his college coaches were always available to help with the re-enrollment process if he needed it.  Now, he is ready to return to school and has applied to UW-Madison. Currently, he’s awaiting acceptance and intends to study finance. He already plans not only to join a business fraternity but to run for fraternity president! At one time, having to withdraw from school had felt discouraging, but now he is more focused than ever on his vision for his future. “I have my nose to the grindstone and I’m going after it,” he says.

Like Kevin, many students are facing challenges on the path to their degree that can lead them to stop out of school. No matter where a scholar’s journey may take them, College Possible coaches continue to offer crucial support and encouragement. Please join us and make a donation to support scholars like Kevin this year.

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