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Our Student Emergency Fund Keeps Students in School

Barriers as small as an unexpected car repair or a broken pair of glasses can derail the college aspirations of students from low-income backgrounds. To address these issues, College Possible now has a Student Emergency Fund, which provides a one-time amount of up to $1,500, to cover temporary and unexpected financial hardship due to circumstances beyond the student’s control.

“The emergency funds have helped me so much. Words can’t even describe how elated I was when I heard that I was approved. I would not have been able to finish school without them.”

These funds can be quickly accessed, often in as little as a week, after the student’s College Possible coach completes a simple online application. Emergencies covered include medical expenses, living expenses, transportation, and school fees and textbooks.

College Possible students are eligible if they are in their junior or senior year of college and are pursuing a four-year degree. As of May 31, over $81,000 has been distributed to 67 students, two of whom have already graduated. We anticipate additional graduations this year and know that the rest are firmly on that path. We look forward to serving many more students through these funds!

“The fund literally saved my college career because there was no way I could have afforded to pay that student bill on my own. It [allowed me] to focus on school.”

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