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College Possible Oregon expands to Beaverton High School 

We are excited to announce the expansion of our high school program to Beaverton High School this year.

After serving students effectively at Aloha High School for the past three years, the neighboring high school in Beaverton took notice. College Possible Oregon was invited to join the Beaverton High School community and we are currently recruiting our first cohort of juniors who want to go to college!

It’s not uncommon for the College Possible program to be invited to expand to a high school, but we can’t say yes to everyone. There are several factors that have to be considered. One of the first is whether the school has a large enough need. According to the Oregon Department of Education, almost half of Beaverton High School’s students qualify for free and reduced lunch, an indicator of household income. College Possible generally supports students who come from under-represented backgrounds and have fewer resources for college than their peers.

Another factor we consider is support from the school and the district. We need school leaders to advocate for the work that College Possible is doing; otherwise, it makes it challenging to connect with students. Beaverton High School was an easy choice because their previous superintendent, Don Grotting, has been involved with College Possible since we first started in Oregon, ten years ago.

The welcoming we have received at Beaverton High School has been wonderful.” Casey Rauch, director of college access says. “Teachers have opened their classrooms to us, and the college and career staff have been incredibly helpful. The students we’ve met are excited about college and we look forward to filling our first cohort and becoming members of the school community.”

Thank you, Beaverton High School for welcoming us into your halls. We look forward to building a strong partnership at Beaverton and raising awareness about College Possible with students and staff this upcoming year!

Do you know a student at Beaverton High School who might be interested in joining College Possible? Encourage them to apply.

Questions about our partnership with Beaverton High School or our college access programming? Please contact Casey Rauch, College Possible Oregon’s director of college access.

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