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Oregon celebrates AmeriCorps members

March 13–19 is AmeriCorps Appreciation Week! Across the country everyone is celebrating and appreciating AmeriCorps members—including College Possible Oregon. Governor Kate Brown even made an official proclamation!

We asked some students what they appreciate about their College Possible coaches and they were happy to share their responses.


Breanna has been very supportive from the beginning. She would often reach out to check in with how I am doing and always have resources to connect me with, for the concerns I have and for my interests, such as internships. It was great working with her throughout my year at PSU. I was comfortable sharing what’s going on with my academic career and she was helpful in providing ways to handle it. Breanna is a good friend and coach.
–Patricia, Portland State University

Jorge has been very helpful and quickly responds to any questions I have. He has been a huge help with the whole scholarship process, and it wouldn’t have been as easy if it weren’t for him. Anything I need help with, Jorge will try his best to do what he can to help me.
–Aniel, University of Oregon

Well, when I first met Celia I didn’t really want to go to college. Then she kept talking to me and, well, I started to think I should go, so I started College Possible. She helps me and works with me and makes time for me and my crazy life. She made me think my life is worth enough to go to school. She makes everything super easy for us to understand and she tries to make everything we do fun. She is a great person!
–Nela, Centennial High School

[My coach] has always believed in everyone in the group.
–Manuela, McDaniel High School

Kirsten has been a person that I can rely on for advice and guidance throughout the college and scholarship application process. She’s extremely kind and takes time out of her day to help all of the College Possible students with whatever they need. She has helped me write essays for scholarships and has helped edit my college essays. I really appreciate the work she has done for students at McDaniel.
–Faith, McDaniel High School

Kit has been such a wonderful help this year. I really appreciate all that they do for us to learn how we can do better in college. Teaching us how we can be more successful in our future and throughout college is something I’m thankful for. I’m glad to be part of College Possible and thankful to have such awesome people helping us.
–Abanoub, Centennial High School

Jessica has been amazing during my college application process this year. I started out not knowing what all I needed to do but Jessica has helped me submit information, find scholarships, and talk me through the process of what to expect as an incoming freshman. She has been so supportive and has made time to do one-on-ones with me and I’m so thankful for her. I definitely could not have done this all on my own and Jessica has made everything so easy and understandable. Jessica has been an amazing coach and mentor, and I am so thankful for her.
–Piper, St. Helens High School

[My coach] encourages me with anything I want to do. She is very respectful and really trustworthy. She’s helped me with multiple college essays, and she has also helped me with sending letters of recommendation to colleges! Overall, she is a very fun person to talk to.
–Trinidad, Riverside High School

Ryan has been an amazing coach. I can confidently message him if I am having trouble with something or if I have any questions. He’s always on top of everything and answers his messages at any time, which I think is very selfless of him. He’s helped me understand what college is. It may sound silly to say that, but I really didn’t know anything about college. I want to thank him for making this journey run smoothly. I appreciate everything he’s done.
–Tatiana, McLoughlin High School


We’d like to thank all AmeriCorps members who are choosing to serve this year, but especially the College Possible AmeriCorps members who have committed to supporting students on their paths to and through college. We appreciate all of the time, energy and expertise you have given this year!

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