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Oregon celebrates AmeriCorps week 2023

March 12–18 is AmeriCorps Appreciation Week! Across the country, everyone is celebrating and appreciating AmeriCorps members—including College Possible Oregon.

We asked some students what they appreciate about their College Possible coaches and they were happy to share their responses.

Joanna is an amazing coach in more ways than one! She taught me that there’s no shame in asking for help – even if you hold yourself to a very high standard, and how to take breaks to care for yourself, since goals and dreams cannot be achieved if one is not ready to achieve them! Love you, Joanna! ❤️ –Britney, Oregon State University

Jazmin has been great at answering any questions I’ve had, sometimes before I can even ask! It was really nice to meet in person and have a coffee and chat when she came to my campus! She’s been awesome 🙌 –Kayt, University of Oregon


I’m grateful to Coach Ellie for a lot of things. She took the time to post scholarship opportunities every month and is always there when I need to talk to her. She also helped me make some SMART goals. Above all, she is a great person and has been very helpful. –Kaw, Portland State University

[Elaine] has been great at checking in with me and making sure that I know that she’s here for me and where I can find her if I ever need anything, plus she always has little events going on to help us out if we need it. –Eli, Portland State University

Rayn has helped me be more comfortable in my work and has helped me feel less overwhelmed with school. She is understanding, has the best humor and has the biggest heart to help students. I am grateful for her so much, and appreciate that she goes above and beyond for anyone. –Lizbeth, Reynolds HS

Britney has helped me in so many ways this year. She’s guided me through the college search, especially with applying for scholarships. I know she’ll always be ready to happily lend some help whenever I need it. I love knowing I have someone who can support me through such a confusing process, as someone who’s completely clueless about how this all works. –Kim, David Douglas High School

We recognize the commitment of our College Possible AmeriCorps members and the impact that they are making in students’ lives. Learn more about what a year of service with College Possible and AmeriCorps could mean for you at

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