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Mission Possible Career Panels share diverse career paths with Omaha students

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Throughout October and November, College Possible Omaha hosted career panels at six of our partner high schools: Bellevue East, Benson, Millard South, Northwest, Omaha North, and Omaha South. At each panel, we were joined by three young professionals, ranging from entrepreneurs to executive directors. This diverse range of speakers provided students with insights into various industries, offering a comprehensive understanding of what lies ahead in their professional journeys.

This year, we successfully conducted most of our panels during regular school hours, which resulted in over 200 students in attendance across six schools. The panels became a valuable platform for students to engage with professionals and gain a realistic view of the diverse career landscape.

Mackenzie, a college access coach at Omaha North High School, emphasized the panel’s significance, stating, “The career panel at North High allowed students to learn how higher education journeys are ever-changing and empowering. The speakers did an amazing job answering their questions and providing the audience with transparent and professional advice on how to prepare to move from high school to college and into the professional world.”

Beyond showcasing diverse career paths, these panels offered students a unique opportunity to learn more about the resources and support provided by College Possible. Attendees had the chance to explore how College Possible can play a pivotal role in guiding them through their college journeys.

Representatives from our partner colleges and universities were also present, providing students with firsthand information about the offerings and opportunities at each campus. This interaction allowed students to align their academic and career aspirations with the diverse possibilities available at these institutions, fostering a clearer path forward in their educational endeavors.

Our final panel was held at Northwest High School during their Community, College, and Career Night. This event involved representatives from various universities, businesses, and organizations, offering students a wealth of information about post-high school opportunities. The inclusive nature of this panel allowed both students and their families to attend, providing parents with a fresh perspective on their children’s educational and career options after high school.

We extend our gratitude to our partner high schools for welcoming our panelists, the dedicated professionals who shared their time and insights with students, and our Champions, who played a crucial role in recruiting panelists and serving as moderators. We’d also like to thank the following admissions representatives from our partner institutions: Tanner Wauhob from Doane University; Sarah Brandt, Mason Bennett, and Drew Carr from Nebraska Wesleyan University; Peter Manrique, Bryce Blair, Bri Piper, and Maab Hassan from University of Nebraska Omaha; Mason Denholm, Veronica Guzman, Blake Bartling, and Daniel Hartnett from Wayne State College.

The career panels featured representatives from diverse organizations such as AmeriCorps, Bank of the West, Budget to Success, College Possible, Elevator Spaces, Gallup, Immigrant Legal Center + Refugee Empowerment Center, MENTOR Nebraska, Metropolitan Community College, Mutual of Omaha, Nebraska Methodist Health System, Omaha Places, ROSS Leaders, Sarpy County Government, Swishboom, Union Pacific Railroad, United Way of the Midlands, University of Nebraska Omaha, World Speaks, 100 Black Men of Omaha, and 402 Social.

Interested in becoming a panelist or speaker at future events? Contact Melissa Valek at or Jaynaeh Gillaspie at

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