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Minnesota Welcome Weeks 2021!

College Possible Minnesota is excited to welcome the 2021-2022 program year AmeriCorps members!

For the past three weeks, AmeriCorps service members have participated in trainings grounding them in College Possible coaching best practices and introducing them to the program. Called Welcome Weeks, this year’s onboarding program used a hybrid delivery model. Most trainings took place on virtual platforms, similar to 2020’s Welcome Weeks, while intentional and safe in-person spaces were created for team building. The culmination of a summer of planning, College Possible staff are thrilled to welcome this year’s AmeriCorps service members.

The new and returning coaches will start in schools this month with a hybrid service plan. The team is anticipating a combination of in-person programming and remote coaching, allowing staff and coaches to respond swiftly to changes in community partner safety guidelines, while staying connected to College Possible students. Embracing a hybrid plan will present its own challenges, but the team is optimistic.

This year, we’re focused on meeting people where they’re at. We’re planning an in-person delivery program for students, but we also have a really strong virtual structure to fall back on should anything go wrong,” said Navigate Program Manager Lindsay Pluger.

Here are some of the highlights from Welcome Weeks:

  • Week 1: An introduction to College Possible! Meeting the team, learning about College Possible’s history, an introduction to educational equity work, and Life in a Bag (share three things that are meaningful to you!)
  • Week 2: AmeriCorps members dive into their roles! An introduction to the more technical aspects of coaching, coaching best practices and curriculum information.
  • Week 3: Diving Deeper – College Possible coaching day-to-day. A continuation of week 2 with more role-specific training and community building.

For AmeriCorps members starting their first term of service, or returning for a second year, Welcome Weeks is a time for grounding, learning and community building. Welcome!

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