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Meet Sofia

School: Benson High School Magnet

Sofia came to the United States when she was in second grade. She hardly spoke any English. Sofia had to work harder than she ever had before to learn English and stay caught up with her classmates. Sofia’s dad went back to Africa to find a job, and while he sends back what he can, the money isn’t worth as much in the United States. Sofia’s mom works multiple jobs to support the family, which means Sofia must spend time caring for her younger siblings.

Sofia has not and will not let the obstacles in her life define her. She devotes herself to her studies and recognizes the importance of her education.

In high school, Sofia’s hard work to build a better future paid off. With the support of College Possible, she earned admission to 6 colleges, giving her a wide range of choices. Sofia decided to attend University of Nebraska – Lincoln, where she will receive over $26,000 in scholarships.

Sofia highly values the chance to attend and graduate from college. When she arrives on campus, she’s excited to start pre-med and psychology classes, try new things and meet new people in a large, diverse campus community and begin to plan for studying abroad.

Sofia dreams of using her college education to make a difference in her home country, South Sudan, by going back and building a hospital or clinic, and making a lasting impact on the community.

Sofia sees possibility when she looks at her future. Having overcome so many challenges, Sofia is confident she will succeed. When she does, she will change not only her life, but that of her family and her entire community.

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