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Meet Randy Sayavong, College success program coordinator

Randy comes from a first-generation and limited-income background Hmong and Lao family. He is the first and only college graduate in his immediate family, having graduated from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities in 2019.

Randy joined College Possible in May 2021. “As a first-generation college graduate, I had to navigate college all by myself,” says Randy. “I didn’t want others to experience the same thing, so I made it a goal to give back more than what I’ve taken and learned.” Randy wanted future students who are pursuing higher education to not feel like they were alone. He wanted them to see someone who came from a similar background and who made it through college graduation, and to see that same possibility and success in themselves. “I want folks to feel validated in their experiences no matter the route they take,” says Randy.

When asked what he was most excited about in the coming year, Randy answered, “I’m excited to just see how many more students we can help and to see all the upcoming grads walk across the stage and tell their stories.”

When Randy is not at work, you can find him enjoying strawberry shortcake while watching Crazy Rich Asians or Always Be My Maybe. He is also constantly searching for the next big thing, whether that is sneakers or some other hyped-up item. He also enjoys hanging out with friends and family, being outdoors, and listening to music. While he hasn’t yet achieved his superpower dream of freezing time, he is contemplating returning to school to pursue a master’s degree.

We are thrilled to have Randy on our leadership team. Are you or someone you know looking to be part of a collaborative team? Check out our open positions!

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