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Meet Niyo

Since age eight, Niyo has known he wanted to attend college. Because of his first visit to a dentist.

“My family came to America from a refugee camp in Tanzania in 2007. I had never been to a dentist before coming here, and I was struck by the wonderful work that dentist was doing,” said Niyo, as he is known to his friends. “Before I left the office that day, I knew I wanted to be a dentist. And I knew I would have to go to college to make that happen.”

Having the grades to gain college admittance is not a problem for Niyo, who is in the top 15 percent of his senior class at Omaha South Magnet High School. Coaching from College Possible is helping him focus on his strengths that colleges look for, honing his test-taking skills and applying for scholarships, grants and other financial aid that will make his dream of college a reality.

Between classes, varsity football, powerlifting and varsity track, Niyo knows to expect the best from himself in everything. “With College Possible, your focus is on getting things done, with no excuses.”

“Each degree takes you further. A high school degree will only take you so far. I want to go beyond that and do all I can for others and myself.”

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