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Meet Isaias

School: South Division High School Class of 2017

Isaias has never been afraid to ask for help, and when he decided to go to college he knew he would need it.

“College was an option that I really wanted but I never exactly knew how to attain it,” Isaias said.

Tommy Grodzicki, Isaias’ College Possible Coach at South Division High School, has helped him prepare for college and navigate the application process. As the first in his family to go to college, those are things Isaias says he would not have known about without Tommy.

“If I hadn’t joined this program, I would have had no way of actually getting to college,” Isaias said. “I wouldn’t have known that I had to apply, I wouldn’t have known how to do the FAFSA, I probably wouldn’t have gotten the same ACT score.”

Though Isaias has a busy schedule with chess club, tennis and caring for younger children at home, he makes time for College Possible. Through after-school sessions, college visits and Tommy’s guidance, Isaias knows college will now be a reality for him.

“Once you’re in this program, you pretty much know that you’re going to go to college as long as you put in the work,” he said.

So far, Isaias has applied to six schools and has already received two acceptance letters. He plans to study psychology and sociology so that he can help others and himself.

“I’m motivated by the idea of having a better future,” said Isaias. “I want to have a fulfilling life and do something that I find meaning in.”

Above all, he is grateful to have the resources to decide his future for himself.

“I really appreciate you guys,” he said. “Because of College Possible, I will go to college.”

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