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Meet Hlee

School: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

There were a lot of reasons for Hlee to join College Possible.

Hlee was a first-generation college student. Her two older sisters had participated in the program, so she knew College Possible could help her get a good score on the ACT.

But, for Hlee, it was her love of learning that compelled her to become a College Possible student.

“Mainly, it was for me to learn and grow,” says Hlee of joining the program. “I’ve always loved going to school, learning something new every day and being inspired by my teachers.”

Hlee at her college graduationHlee applied to five colleges in the Twin Cities and ended up choosing the University of Minnesota.

“I loved the amount of resources and organizations that were there to help,” says Hlee. “I just didn’t like walking around campus in the winter time!”

During her time at the University of Minnesota, Hlee kept very busy. In addition to school and extracurricular activities, she worked part time, got married and had three children. It was necessary for her to take some breaks from college to care for her family, but she always returned to her studies.

“Knowing that I always enjoyed school really pushed me through,” says Hlee. “I also want to do what I can to be a role model for my kids.”

Hlee’s persistence paid off and she earned her degree in family social science from the College of Education and Human Development in December 2016.

During her final year in College Possible, Hlee worked with her college coach Ellen on developing career skills to help her with the transition to the working world.

“A big part of what we worked on was post-grad plans and career advice,” says Ellen. “Developing those skills for what comes after graduation.”

Hlee has already found an opportunity to use her degree working with families at Placement Partners of Minnesota. She has many ideas for her future, such as starting a consulting practice, getting a master’s degree or opening her own business.

Ellen is excited for Hlee’s future and the opportunities ahead of her.

“I hope that she can continue to be an advocate for herself and be confident in her abilities,” says Ellen. “She is really smart and capable, so I hope she sticks to her goals and continues to achieve them.”


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