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Meet Camila

Camila With Diploma

From a young age, Camila dreamed of having a positive impact on the world. Inspired by her early love of animals and nature, she enrolled in the most challenging science courses her high school offered and began planning for a future career as an environmental scientist or zoologist.

She knew college was the next step in her journey, yet struggled to balance her academic and extra-curricular commitments with the demands of SAT prep and college planning.

It was difficult. I could not find time or a way to study. I became stressed and worried until I found College Possible,” said Camila.

After joining College Possible her junior year, Camila said she finally found the balance she was looking for: “College Possible was really there for me when I needed them. They gave me a time and a place where I could study and learn the tactics that could help me with the SAT.” Despite a challenging school year due to the pandemic, Camila is proud to have increased her SAT score by 60 points, a boost she credits to College Possible’s curriculum and guidance.

In addition to SAT prep, Camila is also grateful for the relationship she was able to build with her coach, who helped her navigate the daunting financial aid and college application process. “Even though the pandemic happened, our coaches were still there with us, helping us out through everything. The one-on-one conversations I had with my coach helped me when applying for FAFSA and figuring out which schools I wanted to go to and why,” said Camila.

For Camila, this hard work and preparation paid off when she earned admission to her dream school, Ohio Wesleyan University. She is looking forward to joining OWU’s honors program as well as their Palmer Global Scholars program, a competitive program for students passionate about global issues and studying abroad. “I want to study abroad and learn how I can apply my knowledge to help people solve everyday problems that, put together, help the world,” said Camila.

Though OWU was the perfect fit — a small, liberal arts school with a strong zoology and study abroad program — Camila was still left with a substantial financial gap in her aid package. Thanks to a unique partnership between College Possible Chicago and a local foundation, she was able to apply for a scholarship that allowed her to close this financial gap and enroll in her top-choice school.

The Promise Scholarship really helped me. That support is so important to me, not just to help me through college financially, but also mentally,” said Camila.

As a Promise Scholar, Camila will receive a College Possible coach who will continue to support her throughout her entire college journey. “That’s something I really need in my transition to college—a coach to give me advice on how to juggle my academic, social and work life. It’s something I really look forward to and am thankful to have,” said Camila.

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