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Meet Bryan

When Bryan graduated from Amundsen High School this past spring, he knew he was one step closer to achieving his dream of becoming a registered nurse. Now in his first semester at Malcom X College, he is working to make his dream a reality.

For Bryan, health care is a way to improve the lives of others and make a positive impact on his community. As a first-generation, Latino student, he also sees himself as setting an example for other young people like him.

Being a male and Latino in health care is uncommon. Accomplishing my goal would allow me to be a great influence for minorities who aspire to be in health care,” said Bryan.

While in high school, Bryan completed the rigorous International Baccalaureate (IB) program, which helped him build the communication and leadership skills he will need in his future career. This past summer, Bryan had the opportunity to put his knowledge and interests into practice through a six-week internship with Lurie Children’s Hospital. “I treasure this internship experience because it gave me the chance to make connections, learn about the health care field, build professional skills and even suture!” said Bryan.

Now, as a freshman in college, Bryan is continuing to develop his skills and enroll in classes that will prepare him for a future career as a registered nurse:

I’m looking for opportunities to build my resume so that I can become a strong, well-informed health care leader and make a positive impact on my community.”

Though Bryan is working diligently to achieve his goals, freshmen year of college can be a particularly challenging time, especially for first-generation students like himself. Thanks to a new scholarship opportunity made possible by Hope Chicago, Bryan will not be left to navigate this process on his own. As a member of Hope Chicago’s inaugural cohort of scholars, Bryan will receive a generous scholarship and stipend, as well as ongoing coaching and support to help him earn his degree.

Through College Possible’s unique partnership with Hope Chicago, Bryan will receive individualized mentorship and guidance from a near-peer coach, who will support him from his freshman year all the way to college graduation  –  ultimately helping him fulfill his dream of becoming a registered nurse.

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