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Meet an AmeriCorps Member – Gladys Mora


Name: Gladys Mora

Position: High School Coach

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

College Attended: Alverno College

Major: Psychology


What made you want to serve with College Possible?

Looking back at my experience as a College Possible student is ultimately why I decided to serve as a coach. During my high school and college years, my College Possible coach never hesitated to support me in anything I wanted to do and I knew my coach believed in me. I remember well how in the midst of the stress of studying for the ACT exam and applying to colleges, I always knew I had support and motivation from my coach. This experience made me realize that I wanted to be the person who guides students through these decisions, as I knew how important this guidance was for me in achieving my goals. I chose to be a high school coach because I wanted to work directly with students to guide them toward success. I believe that sometimes all a student needs is to have someone who truly believes in them and their potential, and I wanted to be that person.

Why did you return for a second year of service?

I decided to return for a second year of service because of the impact my students had on me and the positive influence I had on them. I also enjoy learning from my students and hearing about their successes and personal achievements. As a high school coach, I met my students as juniors and I wanted to return for their senior year because we had built strong relationships. Now, I get to see them achieve their goals. Every day, I look forward to seeing how my students are growing, both personally and academically, as they pursue a college education.

How has serving helped prepare you for your next steps after AmeriCorps?

Serving in AmeriCorps has helped me prepare for the next steps in my career, by developing and honing my professional skills. Serving at two high schools has expanded my knowledge about the different occupations available in education. I learned about the roles of counselors, teachers and principals, which led me to consider different professions for my career. For example, I have researched school psychology and counseling, and the steps I would take to do these careers in the future, which is something I had not considered before joining AmeriCorps.

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