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Meet AmeriCorps Alum: Nazaneen

Nazaneen Rahmanzai

Years of Service: 2016-2017, 2017-2018

College Possible Position: Campus-Based College Coach at University of Nebraska Omaha and Senior Coach at Millard South High School

Current Position: Academic Advisor in the University of Nebraska Omaha College of Education and Clinical Mental Health Graduate Student at University of Nebraska Omaha

Q: Why was College Possible a valuable experience for you?

A: Serving as a coach with College Possible for two terms in two different positions was a valuable experience, because it thought me about the disparities in my community I did not realize and how I can help create equality with education.

Q: What professional skills did you gain?

A: Not only did I learn how to bridge an education gap in my community, I learned about different strategies, tools and resources I utilize in my post-AmeriCorp’s education and career.

Q: How did your experience help you prepare for your next job or grad school?

A: I have always been interested in education as a profession, but was not sure what type of career I wanted to pursue. College Possible gave me the opportunity to coach, teach, advise, and reach out to my community for help. After experiencing a little of each area, I decided that advising is what felt right for me which is how I came upon my current position!

Q: How do you feel about your experience?

A: I am proud of the work I did with College Possible, because I made a difference in many students lives. I know that because of the information I was able to share, I made a difference in their lives. If they did not know the information I shared, they could have been in a complete different situation.

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