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Making friends in college

This article was written by College Possible Texas (formerly College Forward) student, Suetondy Reh, in July 2020. Suetondy is currently obtaining a BBA in Finance at Texas State University


Going to college can bring a lot of excitement. However, you may be worried about how to meet friends, where to meet new friends, whether they will pass or fail, homesickness, or even take responsibility in their new home. The most terrible feeling for me is the fear of having no friends in college. Making friends in college or meeting new people requires vital skills. You must have an open mind and realistic expectations. For freshmen, the first few months may be challenging to reach out to others, but you should learn to accept society because friends can be the most reliable resource in your first year of college. It is important to make friends in college because the friends you make in college will be among the most unique relationships you will ever have! Some may last a lifetime. Friendships provide ample opportunities to stretch your wings, try new things, and live life a bit irresponsibly. Making friends is possible, even if you feel alone.

This is why many universities require their incoming students to live on campus. When students live on campus, they are more likely to get involved in an organization or team. Living with a roommate is one opportunity to make friends. Dormitories such as Texas State University often host entertainment activities, open to all residents, and provide free food and gifts! During my first year at Texas State University, I lived in Bobcat Village. Sometimes, I received email invitations inviting me to participate in an upcoming event such as a billiards tournament, ping pong games, cooking class, etc. These activities are fun and bring lots of joy to different people.

How to meet friends

It is totally normal to feel nervous when approaching new people. Therefore, here are some tips on how to make friends. First things first, it is very important to be yourself. No matter what college you will be attending, there will be people who share similar interests and personalities as you do. Let your personality shine! Never be afraid of who you are. You will eventually find faithful friends. Next, use your dorm to your advantage. The dormitory is full of other first-year college students who have experienced similar experiences and are eager to make friends. Many dorms contain common lounges, and events are held to help newcomers meet other newcomers. Those who aren’t going to live on campus can also find friends by curtain events the school hosts like clubs and volunteering centers. So, make sure you seek these opportunities to make friends.

Last but not least, be nice. Although it may be a long way to please or become a flattering person in college, it is essential to care about others around you. Sometimes things are not always what you want. If you’re going to stay with your friends for as long as possible, it is vital to remain calm. Try to agree with different opinions, because if you are too personal, small issues can become heavy.


Where to meet new friends

There are many great ways to make friends in college, but in fact, you are a lot better off if you are in the right place. The best places to make friends in college are dorms, study sessions, gyms, volunteering or just hanging out in public places. Take my experience as an example. My first week at Texas State was quite lonely. I wanted to meet new people in case I need help getting around the campus. Then I thought to myself, “I like playing soccer, why don’t I participate in intramural games after classes?” So, I went to the recreational center to find some friends. I eventually met many Texas State’s students with similar interests. That night, I made more than twenty friends because I went to the right place at the right time. If you are not into sports, you can definitely make friends through study sessions. For example, you must have something in common with your classmate. Join a learning course even though you don’t need it, or better yet, organize a learning course for yourself and your classmates. They will appreciate your efforts. This can also be a good way for everyone to learn and understand each other at the same time.


Why friends are important in college

In life, various people prefer different choices. One cannot force others to think the way they do. If you are antisocial or love being in crowded places, you may choose your path. For everyone, friendship is important to some extent. However, when you go to college, you can expand your knowledge on specific topics and as a person. Friends can be great resources to get around the campus. Having more friends means having more knowledge of what’s around you. When you apply for a job after graduation, the employers will ask you questions about the skills and knowledge base and the ability to work in a team. Eventually, you will have to work and get along with managers and supervisors. There are many forms to get along with people, one of them is friendship.


Things to do with friends in college

Making friends is hard; watching them graduate before you is even harder! For example, I met Akazin my first year at Texas State. He and I love to play soccer. I remember all the parties we attended, all the food we made together. He is my true friend. Sadly, he will be graduating and have to leave Texas State next semester, while I still have two more years. Sometimes friends will not always be there, enjoy every bit of friendship you have with them.

Here are some fun things to do with them in the meantime. You can learn to master more than just ramen. I like this one because it’s hilarious, and yeah, it’s true. Basic cooking skills are one of the most basic survival strategies. It is best to learn some skills from friends so that you can set off a storm in the dorm from time to time. Secondly, you can go on an impromptu road trip. This is a must while you are still young and have plenty of time. Participating in such a spontaneous trip will help you become a more efficient person, be wise to your friends, and get you out of your comfort zone.

Every campus is usually abuzz with parties. Team up with your friends and rush to a party! Remember to make friends at the party, and you will have an unforgettable experience for life. Although partying sounds good, it is always better to be safe and responsible while away from home. Another fun thing to do is volunteer together. Volunteering while in college can give you a much-needed boost for your self-confidence. You can typically connect with people that share your common interests while volunteering. And it’s a great way to recruit more people to your group of friends. Lastly, you can compete in a challenge together. It can be any challenge. Challenging one another is a great way to help each other grow. Don’t take my words for it! Go out and try it!

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