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How the Segal Education Award enhances the AmeriCorps experience

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Upon completion of their term of service, AmeriCorps members can use the Segal Education Award to repay qualified student loans and pay the costs of attendance at eligible institutions and training programs. AmeriCorps alumni can make the award go further by attending Schools of National Service, which are colleges and universities across the United States that offer scholarships, application fee waivers, and other benefits specifically for AmeriCorps alums. Three states currently offer in-state tuition to AmeriCorps alumni: Arizona, Maryland, and Nebraska. By combining the Segal Education Award along with attending a School of National Service, AmeriCorps alums have a clear path to their higher education goals.

Fast facts

  • Based on the year in which the member serves and the term of service
  • Members can earn up to two full Segal Awards
  • The Segal Award is sent to institutions through the National Service Trust (not members)
  • The Segal Award is taxable income
  • Members have seven years to use their education award

How much is the Segal Education Award?

The maximum award is equivalent to the maximum Pell grant for the year your national service position is approved.

How do I access it? 

Use the MyAmeriCorps Portal to request loan forbearance, request payments to your institution/loan provider, and check your balance.

What can the Segal Education Award cover? 

As a part of educational expenses, AmeriCorps alums have used the award to help pay for programs such as studying abroad, the Certificate of Teaching English to Adults, the National Outdoor Leadership School, and specialized classes such as scuba diving or emergency medical technician training.

Alyssa Askeland’s (former College Possible coach and current UNO Advisor) advice to alums:

“Definitely go through the Segal Education Award and look at everything it can be used for. A lot of students don’t know the award will pay for everything when it comes to studying abroad, including housing and international tuition. If you serve two years it should cover more than enough. Tax implications do apply, so make sure to factor that in.”

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This piece was written by Sophia Magisana, AmeriCorps member and College Possible coach at College Possible Omaha.

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