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High School Partner Spotlight: Reynolds

We are fortunate to work with seven awesome high school partners in the Portland-metro area. In a typical school year we rely on our high school partners quite a bit. They provide our coaches with office space, we utilize their classrooms for after-school session, we partner with teachers and faculty for letters of recommendation, the list goes on and on.

This year, given our fully virtual environment, everything looks a little different.

On the top of our list of concerns for the year ahead was student recruitment. Typically, our team is in schools daily tabling at lunch, making classroom presentations, hosting pizza parties, etc. to try and get the word out about College Possible to students. All of those in-person strategies that we have relied on will no longer work.

The team at Reynolds High School has helped us see recruitment as an opportunity this year instead of a challenge. They have put a plan in place that will give us incredible access to new students to recruit, to highlight our position as a valued partner and leverage the relationships that teachers have built with students.

Michael Anderson, Assistant Principal Reynolds High School“We’ve seen the presence of College Possible in our school change how and which students are thinking about college. The programming and curriculum the AmeriCorps coaches provide for juniors and seniors has been invaluable. We hope to continue to grow and deepen our partnerships with College Possible to best serve our students and work with them on reaching their college goals.”

–Michael Anderson, Assistant Principal at Reynolds High School

We are excited to be expanding this year at Reynolds High School and will be recruiting an additional cohort of high school juniors because we know the need and desire for College Possible programming has increased—and because we have the incredible support of the faculty and teachers.

Our school partners are vital to the success of our high school program. We’re so grateful for their work and investment in students.


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