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Great Story: Hanan by Theresa Le

Familial duty

In a single-parent household, the oldest daughter

Had to take on the role of her fallen father

Numbers on a page inaccurately portray

The tears she invested in school each day

She’s got a dream but no path to walk on


A sign points the way

She hikes through uncertainty

The eyes of her mind wide open

The eyes of her body half closing

A day’s worth of fatigue doesn’t get her down

She fights hard to turn her schooling around


By day, keeping her family afloat

By night, navigating systems, full of hope

Her name is Hanan and I have seen her rise

As she brings her dreams, actualize

Through financial aid and Running Start

I’m glad to have known what’s in her heart

Theresa Le - Senior Coach  Written by Theresa Le


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