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Growth Through Service: Welcoming Candice Powers to Philadelphia’s Leadership Team

College Possible Philadelphia is excited to welcome Candice Powers to the leadership team as our new high school program coordinator. Prior to joining College Possible, Candice attended the University of South Alabama where she earned a bachelor’s degree in international relations and a minor in international business. Upon finishing her undergraduate degree, Candice completed two terms of service as an AmeriCorps member with Girls on the Run Birmingham before joining A+ College Ready as an administrative assistant. At A+ College Ready, Candice spent two years liaising with school administrators to train teachers and increase enrollment in advanced placement courses throughout the state.

Coming from a background in nonprofit education and empowerment, Candice is excited to utilize her experience to help her coaches and their students navigate the college access process. She is a champion for the college experience, and looks forward to encouraging students to work hard to achieve their dreams. Reflecting on the impact of her college experience, Candice shared,

 “As a first-year college student, I realized how many doors opened for me. [I learned so much] from my college experience. It was so validating and it grew me a lot. I believe all people should have an experience where you get to be in a melting pot of people and perspectives. The interpersonal aspect of college is extremely important.”

In her new role as high school program coordinator, Candice supervises six AmeriCorps high school coaches. She hopes to use her experience as an AmeriCorps member to guide and support her team. Commenting on how she wants to impact her coaches, she expressed,

 “I hope to help the AmeriCorps members grow in their term of service as much as I did. I want to give them goals that they may be afraid to reach, but I know they can, and I want to help them get comfortable with the growth mindset. The most important thing to learn is [the work] never stops and you have to learn to roll with it.”

College Possible Philadelphia is excited to have Candice’s knowledge and prior service experience drive our team forward this year. Join us in welcoming her to our leadership team!

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