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From volleyball dreams to healing hearts: Kyla’s journey into nursing

Indoor Photo Of Kyla Posed Sitting Down On A Bench Smiling With A Black Backdrop Behind Her.

Life has a way of leading us down unexpected paths, and for Kyla, a first-generation student and freshman in the pre-nursing program at the University of Nebraska Omaha, her journey has been nothing short of surprising. Originally, Kyla’s heart belonged to volleyball, a passion she discovered during her early high school years. However, a devastating torn MCL abruptly put an end to her volleyball dreams. Little did she know that this setback would pave the way for a new and fulfilling direction in her life.

During her recovery from the MCL surgery, Kyla had the opportunity to interact with nursing staff, an experience that profoundly influenced her. “My interactions with the nursing staff during my recovery made me realize the positive impact I could have on people through this profession,” Kyla shares. “Right around that same time, I found out about nursing programs at my high school, so I took it as a sign to go into nursing.”

Kyla’s mother, who never had the chance to attend college herself, encouraged her daughter to pursue higher education, recognizing Kyla’s potential and aspiring for her to break through barriers. For Kyla, a college degree represents an investment in her future, a means to become more than she is today.

Introduced to the College Possible program by her brother, who had benefited from it previously, Kyla knew that it could help her achieve her dreams. She speaks highly of her coaches, Katie and Aubrey, who have provided unwavering support and guidance over the last two years. Kyla shares, “My coach this year has really emphasized that anything is possible, and I am capable of making anything happen.”

Kyla’s coaches, Katie and Aubrey, have been instrumental in helping her secure the financial resources necessary to pursue her education without the burden of student loans. They have diligently worked alongside Kyla to identify various scholarships and financial aid opportunities that are tailored to her academic goals and background. Through their guidance, Kyla has been able to unlock financial support that has significantly lightened the financial load of her college journey.

In particular, the Nebraska Promise scholarship has played a pivotal role in Kyla’s ability to attend college, providing substantial relief from the financial constraints associated with tuition costs. However, Katie, her current College Possible coach, goes the extra mile by continuously exploring and identifying additional scholarships that Kyla qualifies for, ensuring that she can fully focus on her studies and personal growth without worrying about financial hurdles.

Although Kyla is only a freshman, she has a clear vision for her future. After completing her degree at UNO, she plans to attend the University of Nebraska Medical Center to continue her education in nursing and gain practical experience. Her ultimate goal is to become a travel nurse, combining her passion for nursing with her childhood dream of exploring the world. Kyla says, “Traveling while working seems like a great opportunity, and it’s something I’m really looking forward to.”

Kyla’s college experience goes beyond academics; it’s a journey of personal growth. As a naturally reserved and shy person, she aspires to step out of her comfort zone by joining clubs and student organizations in the coming semesters, once she’s established a routine that balances school and work.

Throughout her journey, Kyla recognizes the importance of her support systems. Her mother and College Possible coaches have provided both emotional and educational support, helping her build the confidence to navigate her first semester with positivity. Thanks to her coaches’ invaluable assistance, Kyla is well on her way to achieving her dreams while avoiding the financial burden of student loans.

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