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First-generation college graduate Alex fulfills dream of teaching chemistry

Headshot Photo Of Alex Wearing A Blue Shirt And Tie.

Graduating from college is a significant achievement for anyone, but for soon-to-be graduate, Alex, it’s not just a personal milestone; it’s a testament to his perseverance and dedication to his dream of becoming a chemistry teacher. Now a seventh-year student, Alex will finally be earning his degree—making him the first in his family to graduate from college after several years of hard work and determination.

Born and raised in Omaha, Alex is currently pursuing a bachelor’s of science in chemistry and a bachelor’s of science in secondary education at the University of Nebraska Omaha. Initially, Alex had planned to use his chemistry degree to become a pharmacist, but discovered a passion for teaching through his work as a mentor and teaching partner at the Thompson Learning Community at UNO.

As a peer mentor, Alex received training on how to interact with and support students—skills that he will use in his career as a chemistry teacher at Burke High School. He also used the guidance he received from his College Possible coaches to teach college freshmen and sophomores how to navigate college and avoid burnout.

Combining his passion for teaching and chemistry, Alex knew that his next step was to become a high school chemistry teacher. During his time at Omaha South High School, Alex had a fantastic chemistry teacher who inspired him to pursue chemistry. “I loved the fast-paced nature of the class and I hope to someday take on a teaching style similar to Ms. Schultz’s in my own career,” shares Alex.

College Possible coaches provide valuable resources and support to students like Alex

Like many students, Alex knew that he wanted to go to college, but only if it was paid for. During his senior year of high school, Alex was informed by his College Possible coaches of scholarships that could assist him in paying for college. Alex applied for the Susan T. Buffett Scholarship and the Aksarben Horatio Alger Scholarship, both of which he received.

Reflecting on his involvement with College Possible, Alex shares, “It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.” The constant support and guidance provided by his coaches was instrumental in his journey. He makes it a point to maintain regular interaction with his College Possible coaches, valuing them as more than just advisors, but as friends, too. Alex shares, “The relationships you create with coaches, that’s what makes the program so great.”

Alex is set to graduate this December, with a promising position awaiting him at Burke High School as a chemistry teacher. When he walks the graduation stage, Alex will be proud to say, “I did it.”

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