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Ensuring college enrollment: College Possible’s transition program coaches 361 students this summer

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The summer months following high school graduation mark a critical period for students embarking on the transition from high school to college. Unfortunately, a concerning phenomenon known as “summer melt” affects a significant percentage of college-intending students, with 10-40% failing to enroll in college the fall after graduation. Summer melt refers to the obstacles and loss of momentum experienced by high school graduates, who, despite being accepted into college, encounter hurdles that delay or even derail their plans for higher education.

The College Possible summer transition program aims to ensure that students are fully prepared for the upcoming academic year and possess the necessary resources to navigate the challenges of college life. The summer transition program offers a lifeline to students through dedicated coaches who work closely with them on various college-related tasks.

“We understand the transition to college (and while in college) is major for students and our summer transition coaches provide support that includes helping students complete their college enrollment tasks, register for classes, get acclimated to campus, apply for scholarships, buy books, and ultimately stay on track,” shares Aminatu Issaka, director of college access. Our summer transition coaches also assist first-to-second year college students to ensure they continue into the next year. “In short, our focus during the summer is enrollment and persistence,” Issaka says.

For first-generation college students, the transition into higher education can be particularly challenging. Without the guidance of a family member who has gone through the college experience, these students often lack awareness of the available resources and support systems crucial to their success. They also may be unaware of the final steps to get them to successfully enroll, like class registration, opting into payment plan options, completing health forms and other necessary paperwork. College Possible recognizes the unique needs of students and provides them with tailored assistance and mentorship.

By offering individualized guidance, the summer transition coaches instill confidence in students, provide them with practical advice, and connect them with valuable resources. They address concerns, answer questions, and serve as mentors, offering a sense of reassurance during this pivotal time.

The College Possible Omaha summer transition program was made possible in part by sponsorship from Cox Communications, the largest private telecom company in America. Cox’s charitable giving is focused primarily on youth and education, with diversity as a core value. College Possible Omaha thanks Cox Communications for its generous support and leadership in strengthening the social, economic, and educational infrastructure of our community for the second year in a row.

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