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College Possible Washington hosts CollegeFest!

In May, College Possible Washington hosted it’s third annual CollegeFest where students were able to meet with our college team to learn more about services and support available to them after high school graduation. CollegeFest, along with our summer bridge curriculum, help students become familiar with what to expect in college and provides support with college enrollment.

What is Summer Bridge? It is a compilation of curriculum, events and reminders to encourage students to complete key indicators that increase the likelihood of college enrollment. The curriculum includes summer melt, social life, financial, academic and community development.

As a way to bring together these curriculum pieces for our students, CollegeFest was setup to create community and to discuss the goals of summer bridge.


Above, we have screenshots from some of our CollegeFest sessions! On top, our coaches have used Kahoot, which is a game-based learning platform to interact with students. Below it, is one of the slides explaining Summer Melt.

If you are interested in watching any of the sessions, you can view them:

  1. Two-year colleges session
  2. Four-year colleges session
  3. University of Washington session

Thank you to our college team for organizing this event for a third year! 

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