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College Students Share Their Experiences with High School Seniors

Do you remember what it was like preparing for college? You earned admission. You decided where you’re going to go. You’re ready. The hard part is over… or is it?

Then nerves set in: “What’s college going to be like? I won’t know anyone, how do I make friends? what classes do I take? that library is huge—what do I use it for? what are office hours? where’s the best place to eat lunch?” The questions are endless.

At the end of April, College Possible Oregon held two virtual college student panels to help ease the nerves. We brought 10 current college students together to share their experiences with high school seniors.

These panels started a few years ago in response to student and AmeriCorps coach feedback. They realized it would be helpful to bring current College Possible college students to talk directly to seniors at their high schools. Over the years we’ve found that meaningful connections are made, candid conversations occur and a lot of nerves are settled.

College students really enjoy the opportunity to pass their wisdom along to the next generation of students. Being able to share tips, tricks and things they wish they would have known is very powerful.

“There were a lot of stigmas that I put on myself about what it means to be a first-gen student, and what it looks like, for me, which is super ridiculous. I was like, ‘I have to get on the dean’s list every semester to prove that I am worthy of being in college.’ But I got to college, so I am worthy of being in this space.” –Brianna, George Fox University student

High school students enjoy having the chance to hear the truth from current students. Sometimes the information is the same, but there’s something much more magical about it being relayed by someone who is living it right then and there.

“Y’all are making me feel so much better about college <3.” –Abby, Aloha High School senior

Thank you to the college students who took the time to join these virtual panels! Want to support this work? Make a gift today in support of future college graduates.

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