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Why you should add foundation, target and reach schools to your college list

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Knowing how to select colleges that are a best-fit for your goals and needs can be tough. Consider adding schools that each of the categories below as you build your target college list.

Foundation schools: These are colleges or universities that you know you will get into based on assured admittance requirements, or schools that you know you have a very good chance of getting into (e.g. based on the school’s SAT score and/or GPA requirements).

Target schools: These are schools that you feel like you have a decent chance of getting into, but it is not a guarantee. For instance, if your GPA and/or SAT scores are in the school’s average range. These schools might include your top choice school.

Reach schools: Here, you’ll identify schools where you may not quite meet all of the admissions standards and might be “stretch” as you consider applying. Even if the school may be hard to get into, if it’s a great fit for you otherwise it’s a good idea to apply. Although your GPA or test scores may be lower than what they usually accept, other factors within your application and background like community service, extracurricular activities, leadership experiences, etc. may help you get accepted.


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