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College Possible’s new CEO visits founding site in Minnesota

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Dr. Siva Kumari, College Possible’s new national CEO, visited the Minnesota office during the week of October 9. Dr. Kumari visited partner school Como High School to observe an AmeriCorps coaching session, presented to donors at two events, and met with all staff departments. Dr. Kumari’s visit shed light on the day-to-day work that goes into supporting students, while allowing the opportunity for her to share her vision for the future of College Possible.

During her visit, Dr. Kumari celebrated College Possible Minnesota as the founding and flagship site of the national organization. She applauded the leadership the site has exhibited and showcased her vision for the future – including a growth strategy at both the national and site levels, a renewed emphasis on operational efficiencies, and a continued focus on putting students first.

“It is exciting and inspiring to hear Dr. Kumari’s vision for College Possible,” said senior director of external relations, Isaiah Allen. “Seeing how this vision will enable us to innovate and evolve how we serve students, how it empowers us to prioritize what they need, and helps us to determine what will help them succeed as the higher education landscape changes is exciting for our team.”

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