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College Possible senior reflects on journey to and through college

Hello, everyone! My name is Breanna, and I am a senior college student majoring in journalism, advertising, and media studies with a focus on public relations at UW-Milwaukee. I have been part of the College Possible program since my sophomore year of high school. 

Ever since I got into UW-Milwaukee, College Possible has helped me in so many ways both mentally and academically. The best thing about College Possible is the check-ins we get with our coaches. College can sometimes be lonely and stressful. With a coach, it is nice to have someone check in on me, someone who is always willing to listen to any issues I am dealing with or any accomplishments I have made. My College Possible coaches, both past and current, have been nothing but a huge part of my support system. 

As graduation approaches, my College Possible coach Megan has also been a huge help in my life beyond college. For these past two semesters, Megan has motivated me to get out more, to work on networking skills and get involved on campus. With her encouragement, I built my confidence to attend several fairs, meeting students like me and even professionals who work in my field of study. Megan has even been quite resourceful, giving me resume tips and sending me internship and volunteer opportunities.

I went into college not knowing what my future was going to be like. With my coaches’ words of encouragement and tips, I have stayed strong on my path and continue to work hard on my studies. Now, with my graduation date set for this December, I am on track to achieve my degree. College Possible guided me through all the ups and downs of college life and most importantly, helped me realize my full potential. I am thankful for everything I’ve learned and achieved with the support of College Possible.

College Possible student, Breanna Thao, UW-Milwaukee, ‘24

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