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College Possible Omaha’s Caps Off event honors support for student success

Group Photo Of College Possible Omaha Staff And AmeriCorps Coaches At Elevator Venue.

Last month, College Possible Omaha celebrated its second annual Caps Off community appreciation event, a sincere tribute to the community’s unwavering support for our mission of providing college access and success to underserved students across Omaha. The event was hosted in Elevator Co-Warehousing + Community, an innovative space for small business and entrepreneurs.

Kicking off the evening, Senior Executive Director Arvin Frazier extended a warm welcome to all attendees, setting the stage for speeches by Yexalen Jaramillo, a College Possible student attending the University of Nebraska Omaha, and Katie Krzemien, a former College Possible student turned coach. In his speech, Arvin underscored the profound impact of community support, stating, “Thank you for your confidence in the work we do, and more importantly, thank you for believing in our students. They are the change makers of tomorrow.”

In her speech, Yexalen graciously shared her journey as a College Possible student, expressing profound gratitude to both the organization and the community for their unwavering support. “To the entire College Possible community, I extend my deepest thanks for being the catalysts of transformation in the lives of countless students, myself included. Your dedication, compassion, and belief in the power of education are the cornerstones of a brighter and more equitable future for us all.”

Yexalen’s educational journey was profoundly influenced by her high school coach, Kari. Reflecting on this, Yexalen remarked, “My journey would have been markedly different without the steadfast support and guidance of Kari, my College Possible coach during my junior and senior years of high school.” Kari’s presence at the event, invited as a surprise to Yexalen, underscored the significant role she played in shaping Yexalen’s academic path.

Katie, now a campus-based college success coach at UNO, underscored the significance of small moments and their profound impact on the lives of College Possible students. Recalling a pivotal moment from her own College Possible journey, she shared, “I’ll never forget the moment when my coach told me that I was capable of achieving greater things than I had ever planned for myself. It was a small moment, but it was something I had never heard before.”

Concluding her speech, Katie urged the audience to reflect on the small moments that have shaped their lives positively, emphasizing, “I hope my story can highlight the importance of the small moments—the words of encouragement, the shared victories, and the guidance provided—that collectively form the foundation of our journey. I urge each of you to reflect on the small moments that have changed your life for the better and to recognize the potential for change that lies within every one of us.”

College Possible Advisory Board Chair, Lisa Lackovic, reiterated the significance of providing students with the support they need to navigate college successfully, while also extending gratitude to everyone who contributed to making the event a reality, echoing the sentiments expressed by Arvin and the overarching theme of the evening.

Adding to the ambiance, Caps Off also featured live music from the Grace Rock Trio, comprised of music students from UNO. The event not only celebrated the impact of College Possible programming on students’ lives but also underscored the importance of ongoing support for their endeavors.

Heartfelt appreciation goes to Elevator co-founders, Shannon Lerda and College Possible board member Emiliano Lerda, for graciously hosting Caps Off in their remarkable space. Their support and partnership are deeply valued.

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