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College Possible Omaha inspires bright futures at Go! Global Youth Summit

Photo Of The College Access Team Behind Their Event Table Set Up With College Possible Swag. From Left To Right: Darrien Seated Behind The Table, Aminatu Standing Centered Behind The Table, Christina Seated Behind The Table.

At College Possible Omaha, our mission is to make college access and success possible for students from under-represented communities. This year, we had the incredible opportunity to be a part of the Go! Global Youth Summit at the CHI Health Center, an event dedicated to inspiring and empowering young minds by exposing them to diverse career opportunities. We were thrilled to connect with 450 enthusiastic participants, hoping to shape their academic and professional futures.

As one of the ten organizations selected to host an Info Hub at the summit, College Possible Omaha set up a fully stocked table complete with our signature swag, snacks, application packets, retractable banners, and a tabletop game that became a crowd favorite–College Knowledge Jenga. This interactive game allowed students to engage with us in a fun and educational way and learn essential information about college preparation.

“What an amazing experience for College Possible to be a part of,” said Aminatu Issaka, director of college access at College Possible Omaha. “Engaging students early in their academic journey and seeing their enthusiasm about what their futures could potentially look like was refreshing. Exposure is key when deciding your next steps, and College Possible had the opportunity to share with students what it means to go to college, how to get to college, and obtain a four-year degree. A huge thanks to The Simple Foundation for giving the College Possible team the opportunity to impact the Omaha community and beyond.”

The Go! Global Youth Summit, organized by The Simple Foundation, featured the Experience Lab, a hands-on expo designed to facilitate career exploration. Students were able to dive into various fields such as healthcare, trades, entrepreneurship, media, marketing, creative arts, retail, hospitality, and service. This innovative approach allowed students to gain a day-in-the-life experience of different professions, providing them with invaluable insights and inspiration.

Our participation in the summit allowed us to connect with middle school and high school students, school counselors, and other attendees. We provided detailed information about College Possible Omaha’s mission and the support and resources we offer. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with many students and educators expressing gratitude for the guidance and encouragement we provided.

The high-energy, high-reward environment of the summit fostered meaningful connections between youth and potential employers, opening doors to internships and future employment opportunities. For us at College Possible Omaha, this event was more than just an opportunity to share information – it was a chance to inspire the next generation of leaders and innovators.

By being a part of the Go! Global Youth Summit, College Possible Omaha continues to fulfill its mission of creating pathways to higher education. We believe that events like these are crucial in building a pipeline to creative, high-earning, and purpose-driven careers. We are committed to empowering students with the knowledge and resources they need to achieve their dreams.

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