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College Possible Omaha champions AmeriCorps: Advocating for educational equity at the state capitol

Outdoor Photo Of Nebraska State Capitol

As advocates for educational equity, College Possible Omaha continuously strives to ensure that students have access to the resources they need to succeed. With this mission at the forefront, members of our leadership team recently visited the state capitol in Lincoln to advocate for the invaluable support provided by AmeriCorps.

Led by our senior development director, Melissa Valek, and director of college success, Emily Wilber, this visit aimed to shed light on the indispensable role AmeriCorps plays within our program. At College Possible Omaha, our mission is clear: to make college admission and success possible for students from low-income backgrounds through personalized coaching and support. AmeriCorps is an integral part of achieving this mission.

With over 1,700 students benefiting from our services in Omaha alone, the significance of AmeriCorps cannot be overstated. It is the backbone of our operations, allowing us to extend our reach and provide critical support to students who need it most. Whether it’s navigating the college application process, securing financial aid, or providing academic guidance, AmeriCorps members are instrumental in ensuring students have the tools and direction necessary to thrive.

During their visit to the capitol, Valek and Wilber had the opportunity to meet with state legislators and share firsthand accounts of the impact AmeriCorps has on the lives of Nebraska’s students. They highlighted the tangible benefits it brings to our program, emphasizing how AmeriCorps support directly translates into improved educational outcomes for students in their districts.

Reflecting on the opportunity, Valek shares, “It was a great experience to present alongside other nonprofits that utilize the AmeriCorps model to deliver direct service to their client base. At College Possible, we are powered by AmeriCorps; they are a group of talented and dedicated individuals who want to make a difference in their community. We are so fortunate to have them on our team as we assist students on their path to earning a college degree.”

As we continue our advocacy efforts, we remain committed to ensuring that the students we serve have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. AmeriCorps plays a vital role in making this vision a reality, and we will continue to champion its importance in advancing educational equity in Omaha.

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