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College Possible Minnesota celebrates three Posse Scholar semi-finalists

This year, three College Possible high school seniors are semi-finalists to become Posse Scholars at the Posse Foundation, an organization that recruits students with leadership potential and connects them with full-tuition scholarships. Students are nominated at the end of their junior year and after their application is accepted, they go through group and individual interviews during the beginning of senior year. If a student is selected as a scholar, they join a “Posse” of students at a partner college and their tuition is paid in full. The Posse Foundation believes that a diverse group of talented students (a Posse) can serve as a catalyst for individual and community development. Being selected as a Posse Scholar finalist is a distinct honor for a College Possible student!

There are three College Possible Posse semi-finalists this year, selected from Roosevelt, Como Park, and Washington Tech high schools. Spencer Wakefield, Senior Access Project Program Coordinator, worked with AmeriCorps coaches last year to identify potential student applicants. He has nominated College Possible students throughout the last three years. If chosen as finalists, students will meet with Posse Foundation and Macalester College representatives to discuss what the next four years of their academic life will include and the program components that are designed to ensure their success.

Being selected as a Posse Scholar is a life-changing opportunity that removes the financial barriers of obtaining a college degree. The Posse Foundation supports scholars through pre-collegiate training, a four-year campus program, and a career program that includes development workshops, fellowship programs, and support from an extensive alumni network. College Possible Minnesota is proud of the three semi-finalist students from the Twin Cities and wishes them all the best in their next round of interviews. Congratulations and good luck!

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