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College Possible AmeriCorps members eager to make a difference through their service

Group Photo Of College Access Team Posed In Front Of The College Possible Student Journey Retractable Banner. From Left To Right: Cady, Lizbeth, Dorothy, Dr. Susan Toohey, Chris, Katie, Gwen, Chase, Mackenzie, And Bre.

During Welcome Weeks, College Possible AmeriCorps members readied themselves to connect with students and embark on their service journey. As they were on the cusp of stepping onto campuses, we sat down with some of our new coaches to delve into what truly ignites their passion.

College access coaches anticipate seeing students’ growth, and their own, too

Mackenzie: Mackenzie is eager to become an integral part of a student’s support system on their higher education journey. She’s most excited about the prospect of serving in a way that impacts future leaders, recognizing the significance of pursuing higher education.

Bre: Bre is thrilled about the opportunity to work more closely with students than ever before, stepping out of her comfort zone, and acquiring new skills. She’s looking forward to forging personal connections with students relishing the opportunity to learn from their diverse stories.

Lizbeth: Lizbeth’s enthusiasm lies in growing alongside the students she serves. She is excited about uncovering the unique skills and talents of the students she encounters, acknowledging that education is a two-way street of growth.

Chase: Chase’s enthusiasm centers on meeting the students at Bellevue East and is ready to make a positive impact. He’s keen on refining the invaluable skill of providing timely support when it’s needed most.

Rhea: Rhea’s mission is clear—to make college accessible and more possible for students. Her passion lies in working directly with students, bridging the gap between aspiration and achievement.

College success coaches ready themselves to build connections

Jae: Jae is determined to connect with students and provide support, drawing from her own experiences to help those who may find themselves in similar situations. Interacting with a diverse group of people is what excites her most.

Katie: Katie is drawn by the professional development opportunities in the field of higher education that are available to her as a College Possible AmeriCorps member. She’s eager to learn and grow with her team and is motivated by the idea of being a guiding presence for students navigating this new chapter of their lives.

This year’s cohort of AmeriCorps members is a shining example of dedication and enthusiasm. Their collective excitement to engage with students, coupled with their diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives, promises a wealth of support, encouragement, and mentorship for those embarking on their higher education journeys.

As these AmeriCorps members set foot on campuses throughout the Omaha Metro area and connect with students across the country, they are beginning their journey in empowering, inspiring, and guiding future leaders. We can’t wait to see the positive impact they’ll make as they begin their service.

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