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College Possible AmeriCorps coaches help students transition from year to year

A College Possible AmeriCorps Coach Stands At The Front Of A Classroom Holding A Beach Ball As She Leads Students In An Activity.

In late June, coaches will send of their cohorts to the next coach who will help them on their journey. As coaches prepare for the end of the year, they are scheduling meetings, planning conversations, and updating their notes and database with information to pass onto next year’s coaches. The focal point for this time of the service year is persistence and preparation.

AmeriCorps members reflect on student success and a smooth transition

“I feel good about students persisting into the next semester. Being a coach at University of Nebraska Omaha means that I am able to see how they are doing with class registration. I am feeling good about retention based on our meetings throughout this semester,” said success coach Stacey Rosener.

College success coaches take this time to prepare for virtual or in person meetings with students. Emilio Pina likes to prepare a list of questions from the coach guide and review student’s information, such as their major and academic progress before meeting with a student. “Still, I’m amazed at how quickly students, especially first-years, have adapted to college life and continue to form their own paths as they grow individually,” said Emilio. During coach meetings, he likes to reflect with students on the progress they have made this semester and prepare for summer by discussing the student’s goals and plans.

College access coaches are not only preparing juniors for their senior year, but also making sure summer transition coaches have enough information to be able to follow up with upcoming first year college students over the summer. “My goal is to make the transition as seamless as possible for everyone by providing thoughtful support and keeping detailed records for each student so their new coach will be able to pick up right where we left off. I will miss this group of students, but I know that they will be successful on whichever path they take,” said access coach Aubrey Rawles.

The last meetings with students allow coaches to discuss growth, concerns, goals, and any uncertainty while at the same time encouraging students to persist into their next steps as sendoff approaches in June.

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