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Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day

On Jan. 18, College Possible Washington hosted a site wide day of service in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we did not have the opportunity to serve together in person. Instead, we honored Dr. King’s legacy with a day of service, education and critical discussion. We collaborated as a team on a research project, culminating in a service guide that we will use to engage with our community individually and/or after local restrictions lift.

This project allowed us to learn more about the organizations in the Seattle area that are dedicated to advancing Dr. King’s primary causes (namely, racial equity and social justice) from the safety of our own homes. In addition, we engaged with Dr. King’s work via a variety of media, including film and text.

As a capstone to our service day, we completed a reflection activity, organized by a sub-set of AmeriCorps members and our Leadership Team.

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