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Celebrating another successful semester with Federal Way Public Schools

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In our school district series, we are excited to highlight Federal Way Public Schools (FWPS) this month. We had the opportunity to talk with our newest staff member, Maria Peterson, who recently joined the College Possible Washington team as Program Manager. Maria supports two school partnerships in Federal Way: Decatur and Todd Beamer High Schools.

Here’s what Maria had to say about supporting students in the Federal Way district. 

Tell us a little about the schools and students we work with in Federal Way Public Schools.

One thing that’s important to highlight about Decatur and Todd Beamer is that they both offer Puget Sound Skills Center (PSSC). PSSC is a program for high school juniors and seniors who are interested in specialized career and technical paths. These students spend half of their school day at their high school and half of the day at PSSC. Both schools are clearly invested in students’ futures, as they also offer extensive options for Career and Technical Education (CTE). For example, Decatur has an auto shop, a classroom for cooking, and a greenhouse that has goats and many types of birds. Todd Beamer offers Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, as well as a unique variety of sports including women’s flag football and gymnastics.

 Both schools have great communities that are evident in the school culture built by staff. Todd Beamer has a group of assistant principals who want to see the students and show them they care. They use roaming desks to travel throughout the school, get their work done, and connect with students. Additionally, Decatur shows school spirit by ending their announcements each day with a quote from an inspirational student. Dom Cooks, who passed away his senior year, was recently quoted, “It is, and always is, a great day to be a Gator! Yitadee!”

Can you share more about the AmeriCorps coach role at each of the College Possible partner schools in Federal Way?

At Decatur we have two coaches, Briana and Julie. Briana is our junior college access coach at Decatur, so she works with students to explore their academic interests, identify their college fit factors, and prepare for their busy senior year through SAT prep, essay drafts, etc. Meanwhile, Julie has been supporting the Decatur senior cohort through their college, financial aid, and scholarship applications. Megan is our sole coach at Todd Beamer so that means she supports cohorts of high school juniors and seniors. She manages her time well to ensure we can successfully support both cohorts.

What are you most excited about as we think about spring programming in FWPS? 

This spring, I’m excited for the Decatur High School juniors and undecided seniors to have the opportunity to go to College Planning Day at UW Tacoma with their high schools. This is a great opportunity for them to explore college options!

If you know a student who could use the support of an AmeriCorps coach on their college-going journey, encourage them to apply today! Additionally, if you’d like to support students like Briana and Julie, browse our open AmeriCorps positions or register for a free, virtual information session.

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