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Celebrating 20 Years of Impact: College Possible’s Founding Donors

For 20 years, College Possible has supported thousands of Minnesota students on their college journeys. We are grateful for our donors who share our vision that students should go as far as their talent and motivation takes them.

As we reflect back, we would like to recognize the 52 donors who have consistently supported College Possible since our founding! Thank you for helping us grow from serving 35 students in two high schools to serving over 6,000 Minnesota students attending 64 high schools and 349 colleges today!

Recently, we asked some of these donors to share their motivations for staying involved in College Possible. Here’s what they had to say:

Amy Fitzharris

“Over the years, we’ve gone from young adults supporting our alum friend [Jim McCorkell’s] mission to parents of three (almost) college grads! As we have sent our own kids off to their post-secondary experiences, we realize the huge amount of assistance they received. We don’t think twice about their college counselors’ assistance, standardized test prep, campus visits across the country, friends and family who provide counsel about schools and possible majors — the list goes on and on. While we give everything we’ve got for our own kids, it saddens me to realize that this just isn’t the case for so many American high school students. College Possible is doing its part to provide just that… all the little pieces that add up to making College Possible!”

Russ Petricka

“As creator and supervisor of a Mathematics Tutoring Lab here at Carleton College, I was on a similar quest to help low income and minority students here at Carleton to stay in college and eventually graduate. So, I felt that Jim [McCorkell] and I were actually soul mates, both working toward the same goal of helping low income and disadvantaged students succeed and I was happy to provide some financial support for his endeavor. Therefore, College Possible has become one of the services that I provide financial support to each year.”

Bart and Kim Reed

“There are countless talented, motivated students out there who are not aware of their college options, not encouraged to pursue them, not supported in their pursuit. College Possible has been changing that, opening doors and supporting talented students in their academic pursuits and college search process.”

As we move forward into our next 20 years, we are committed to closing the degree divide and helping students reach their potential. Thank you to College Possible’s donors for their enduring support!

For a full list of College Possible’s founding donors, please see our 2019-2020 annual report.


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