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Celebrate Earth month while supporting College Possible

In celebration of Earth Day and Week, BottleDrop is offering a 20% match for funds raised from April 11-23! If you’re able to donate your balance online or use blue bags this week, you can make your donation go even further.

Gifts to College Possible go to supporting students on their paths to and through college. We hope you’ll consider selecting College Possible as the recipient of your BottleDrop funds in the future.

Some members of our team have been collecting deposit items and took them to a BottleDrop location this month to maximize those matching funds:

If you’re not familiar with Oregon’s BottleDrop program, check it out. It’s a way to help reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills while returning the deposit amount that you pay on things like aluminum cans, glass containers and more.

There are two ways to donate to nonprofits (including College Possible) through BottleDrop.

  1. You can donate your balance online. Log in to your account and find the organization(s) you want to donate your balance to. It’s quick and easy! Find out more.
  2. Use blue bags instead of green bags. Blue bags work the same as green bags, only when you turn the full bags in at any BottleDrop sites, the funds are automatically donated to the nonprofit(s) you select.

If you’re interested in using blue bags, let us know! Reach out to Tuyen Ta, or 503.200.6856, and we’ll get you your blue bags.

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