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Caps Off: Celebrating community support for college access and success

Photo Of College Possible Omaha Staff

In April, College Possible Omaha hosted Caps Off, a community appreciation event honoring the community’s support towards College Possible and its mission of providing college access and success to underserved students in our community. The event was hosted in Elevator Spaces, a co-warehousing space that focuses on the growth and development of local businesses and entrepreneurs.

Senior Executive Director Arvin Frazier started the evening’s program with a warm welcome followed by speeches made by Shania, Northwest High School senior and second-year AmeriCorps coach Stacey Rosener. Frazier highlighted the impact of the community’s support, stating, “Your contributions, whether through donations, volunteering, or uplifting our mission, have made a difference in the lives of over 1,600 students.”

In her speech, Shania shared her experience as a College Possible student, expressing gratitude towards the organization and the community for their support. “This program could not have had a better name as it has truly made college a possibility in many students’ lives and will continue to do so in years to come,” she said. “I would like to thank my coach, Dorothy Nolan, specifically, for making this process a little less stressful and always being there for any doubts or concerns I may have.”

Rosener, who works with College Possible as an AmeriCorps college success coach, emphasized the importance of supporting students from underserved backgrounds. “As soon as I saw College Possible’s mission, ‘empowering students from underinvested communities to achieve their goal of earning a college degree,’ I applied,” she said. “During my service I have seen the impact that College Possible has had on everyone around it, and how it truly makes college possible. Your support helps us continue to make big and small impacts – and show our students that college is for everyone.”

College Possible Board Chair, Lisa Lackovic, emphasized the importance of providing students with the support they need to get through college and secure meaningful employment. “It is through this shared goal; this shared focus that we can help build a stronger Omaha community.”

In addition to inspiring speeches, Caps Off also featured live music from Doc Brown’s Sax Sounds, adding a vibrant and celebratory atmosphere to the event. The music perfectly complemented the positive energy of the evening, which reflected the community’s shared commitment to supporting College Possible students in achieving their dreams.

The event emphasized the impact the organization has had on the lives of students and highlighted the importance of continuing to support them. As Frazier said, “We are in this together – and it takes all of us to see a future that requires a strong, educated, and diverse workforce.”

Many thanks to Elevator co-founders, Shannon Lerda and College Possible Board member Emiliano Lerda for hosting Caps Off in their amazing space. We appreciate their support and partnership.

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