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BECU brings financial literacy workshops to College Possible

Group photo of three women standing in front of College Possible photosIn April 2023, College Possible Washington was honored to have BECU (Boeing Employees’ Credit Union) Philanthropy and BECU Foundation manager, Tisha Held, visit our team. Tisha’s inquisitive prompts challenged coaches and staff to reflect on their work and impact over the past year. 

We’re honored to partner with BECU and to have had Gloria Dixon, director philanthropy and executive director BECU Foundation, recently serve on our College Possible Washington board.  

This year, we’ve expanded our partnership with BECU by offering a financial literacy workshop for our AmeriCorps coaches. Knowledge gained in these workshops will help College Possible students looking for budgeting support, and overall financial wellness skills. We look forward to broadening our professional development offerings for our AmeriCorps coaches in the coming year.  

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