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Appreciating Our AmeriCorps Members

College Possible Oregon Coaches 2019

College Possible strives to recognize and show appreciation for our AmeriCorps members each and every day of the year — but we also join the rest of the nation in celebrating them during AmeriCorps Week!

AmeriCorps members are vital to our organization and we deeply appreciate the roles they fill. From coaches, to community partnerships teams, to behind-the-scenes VISTAs, our mission could not be fulfilled without you.

Here are some highlights of appreciation that were submitted by students and team members for our AmeriCorps members:

“(My coach) has been very helpful to me in that she has helped me with my college apps, essay writing and overall just being there. Every time I talk to her it’s not even like I’m talking to my coach, it feels like I’m talking to a friend. Her presence honestly just makes me feel better and more confident about college and she is always there to help me whenever I need it. She is very lovable and caring and I’m really glad that I got to have her as my senior coach.”

“(My coach) has helped me stay motivated even in this pandemic. It can be hard to get any work done but she never once stopped checking up on me. She consistently makes sure I’m doing okay, and even when I’m not getting much work done, she is so nice about it. She’s never made me feel judged, or uncomfortable when talking to her, I know I can trust her and go to her for help with any work.”

“(My coach) pushes me to work hard and to never give up, even if things get hard. He is always presenting me new opportunities and ideas so I can be more successful in school. He is really good at answering my questions and helping me search for scholarships and colleges. He is constantly checking on me making sure that I’m doing good and still working hard. He makes sure that I understand what he is talking about or teaching. Overall he is an amazing support for me.”

“(My coach) has helped me this year by working closely with me to help me decide my path for college and narrow down my dream college. She has been super supportive of my goals and has been super involved in my schooling and it’s nice to talk to her about what’s going on in my classes.”

“Thank you for all of the work you put into the virtual college visits and creating helpful materials for coaches to pass along to students! I know my students have found the visits and information really helpful and the visits in particular have led some of my students to apply to schools they weren’t considering applying to before. The work you do matters a lot in exposing students to more college options, and connecting them to the right resources and people. You are the best!”

“(My coach) is the most brilliant person I’ve ever met. I owe so much of my success in my college applications to her. I didn’t know anything about anything and I was so confused but it was like she was this guardian angel who clarified financial aid, supplement prompts, the importance of choosing the right college and such. Even now, the sheer amount of work that she puts in for all of her students inspires me to one day join the team and mentor low-income students. I’m going to an Ivy League on a full ride now and I couldn’t be more grateful for everything she has done for me.”

Interested in being an AmeriCorps member with College Possible? We’re now recruiting for the 2021-2022 school year. Come join our team!

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