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An update on student spotlight: Jose

As a student at Omaha South High Magnet School, Jose and his friends would occasionally talk about college, but never in much detail. “I knew I wanted to go to college, and I knew I needed help – especially with my ACT,” said Jose. “At the end of my sophomore year, I heard about College Possible, and immediately felt drawn to the organization.”

Jose began the College Possible curriculum at the start of his junior year. “Going through that first interview and connecting with the College Possible coaches made me realize this program would help me get where I needed to be.”

That first semester he received intense ACT test prep strategies at weekly sessions and at optional clinics; he was able to take a full-length practice ACT test that put him in realistic test-taking scenarios where he was able to practice the skills he had learned at the prep sessions; and he worked closely with his high school coach to determine his “right-fit” college.

In May, Jose learned he had been awarded the Regents Scholarship making it possible for him to attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), the school at the top of his list. “I know that if I had not joined College Possible, I wouldn’t have gotten help to improve my ACT score and I would not have had the options that a higher score provided. My dream is to major in biology, apply to the University of Nebraska Medical Center, become a pediatrician and work for a medical nonprofit. I want to answer all the questions children may have as they are growing up.”

Update on Jose’s college journey:

Jose officially started his college journey in August at UNL. A biology major, he is currently taking UNL’s required undergrad courses and is looking forward to diving into his major-specific courses in a few semesters.

To become more acquainted with the campus, Jose is involved in First Generation Nebraska, a campus organization for first-generation college students. He is taking a few classes with the organization to prepare him for the upcoming years at UNL. Jose loves connecting with the other students in First Generation because they are going through the same process as him.

I picked UNL as the school for me because I was really looking for the college experience, which is exactly what I am having now. I am surrounded by my peers and that keeps me motivated,” he said.

Jose said his College Possible experience has helped with his journey so far because sometimes when he has questions about college, he does not always know who to go to on campus. However, he knows he can count on his college coach, who has recently gone through the college experience and can answer his questions.

I feel very prepared for college. Everything I’ve encountered so far as a first-year student hasn’t really been a surprise because I already learned it from College Possible,” he said.

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