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AmeriCorps recruitment next steps

College Possible is powered by AmeriCorps. Through their commitment – service members provide student scholars the coaching, support, and stability they need on their journey to and through college.  As the current service year begins to wind down, new ideas and systems are being implemented to enhance efforts to recruit AmeriCorps service members for the next academic year.

 We want to fill the August 2023 AmeriCorps cohort and build a talent pipeline for future cohorts,” said Jasmine McCain, the recruitment and training coordinator for College Possible Omaha.

Last year, Jasmine launched a recruitment campaign that included sending personalized recruitment letters to college graduates, which resulted in four new recruits for the current academic year.  Sabrina, a College Access coach assigned to Papillion La Vista and Westside High Schools, was one of those recruits.

I put in more than 40 hours per week, but I have grown so much as a young adult and a young professional thanks to College Possible. This is my first role in a professional position, and it has been an honor to have the room for forgiveness and growth while also being a (very) part-time student,” said College Access Coach, Sabrina Buls.

While interviewing potential AmeriCorps members, Jasmine has seen a pattern among applicants regarding their reason for applying for this role. Applicants have shared that they are motivated to apply because they wish they had had the same support when they were in school, and they want a chance to be able to make a positive impact in students’ lives.

AmeriCorps service members serving as near peer coaches for College Possible continue to have a tremendous impact on student scholars.

Seeing is believing. Students don’t want sympathy they want empathy, someone who can relate to them and their journey,” said Aminatu Issaka, College Possible High School Director.

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